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is what frozen custard is all about

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Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop Lafayette, Indiana

The Original Frozen Custard in Lafayette, IN

has been a tradition in the Lafayette, Indiana community since 1932. From serving only vanilla custard that very first year to having a full menu of food, drink and dessert options today, our family has been proud to provide high-quality service throughout it all. We are not just another ice cream shop. We are a homemade frozen custard shop with decades of history and experience.

Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop Lafayette, Indiana

Frozen Custard Ice Cream Parlor Frozen Fruit Drinks Lafayette, IN

For us, frozen custard is more
than just a sweet treat.

It is the passion and trade of four generations of our family. From the time when our grandparents opened the store to the fifth generation in training right now, our shop across from Columbian Park has become a destination and tradition for families near and far. Even those who move away still come back to visit for some frozen custard and fruit drink when they get the chance.

The Original Frozen Custard was built
on tradition, quality and service.

That is why everything down to the fruit toppings and chocolate syrup is homemade right here in our shop. Our quality service, fresh ingredients, and original recipe have made our store a staple for the Lafayette, Indiana community.

Frozen Custard Soda Shop Frozen Drinks Lafayette, Indiana

Stop by our shop from March 1 to October 31 to make the Original Frozen Custard
part of your very own family tradition, just like ours.

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Monday thru Saturday Open at 11-8pm

Sunday Open at Noon- 8pm

                                                          Original Frozen Custard

Ice Cream Store Frozen Drinks Frozen Custard Lafayette, IN Ice Cream Shop Frozen Custard Soda Shop in Lafayette, Indiana  

Our Happy Customers

Excellent food, custard, and customer service every time we visit. They also cater to my dogs, which makes them A-OK in my book!

Lisa Yates

Been going here since i was a little girl and i love it so much the service is good and the food is good and very filling.

Paige Davis

LOVE the Fruit Drink! I'm not a big ice cream/custard fan...so I can't comment on the frozen confections, however I sometimes drive 15 miles out of my way for a FRUIT DRINK!!!