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Don't Call it  Ice Cream- It's Frozen Custard

Quality and low prices can not be used in the same sentence


Hello Everybody! Our Season has resumed! Now is the time to visit us because Custard melt slower in cool weather! 


    We had a very productive winter. The past several seasons we were having electrical problems because our system was antiquated. We changed from 300 amp single phase electricity to 600 amp Triple phase electricity. No more popping circuit breakers and equipment problems!! Yea!!


   I would like to thank Artisan Electric Company, a Lafayette business, for the excellent job they accomplished for us! Chris, the owner, understood what I needed done and went above and beyond my expectations!! I will highly recommend Artisan Electric for any of your electrical needs! Their phone number is 765.414.3913 ask for Chris!  


   I also want to thank DJ Pridemore for the work he did as our Construction Manager. He stayed on top of the entire project and kept me well informed. I particularly appreciate how he could translate electrical speak into what I could understand! DJ also has Total Home by DJ and I will recommend him for jobs you need with your home. DJ phone number is 765.532.5290. Call him, he is a perfectionist with his business!! 

Now that we are open be sure to visit often. Blake will be developing different Custard flavors and delicious Foods from our kitchen. We look forward to seeing you!!


Stop by our shop from March 1 to October 31 to make the Original Frozen Custard
part of your very own family tradition, just like ours.

Our Happy Customers

Excellent food, custard, and customer service every time we visit. They also cater to my dogs, which makes them A-OK in my book!

Lisa Yates

Been going here since i was a little girl and i love it so much the service is good and the food is good and very filling.

Paige Davis

LOVE the Fruit Drink! I'm not a big ice cream/custard fan...so I can't comment on the frozen confections, however I sometimes drive 15 miles out of my way for a FRUIT DRINK!!!