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Don't Call it  Ice Cream- It's Frozen Custard

Quality and low prices can not be used in the same sentence


Hello Everybody!!


Our 85th Season is coming to a close soon. Be sure to visit with us before Nov 1st because Halloween, October 31st is our last day!


And be sure to wear a costume on Halloween and we will Treat you with a small cone or dish of Frozen Custard! It has to be a legitimate costume, no normal clothes and say you are a Bum.  Ha-ha!


Last winter we had our electrical systems upgraded from 300 amp Single phase to 600 amp Triple phase. Very costly but necessary! This winter we are upgrading the plumbing from galvanized pipe to copper and pex. Again very costly but necessary.   Then......the next few years we are planning to upgrade our patio and service areas. We want the nicest patio in town!!


Remember there is only one Frozen Custard and we are the Original, we are often imitated but never equaled!!


Our only mission is to provide :


Tradition - Quality - Service


Mark your calendar for March 1st 2018. that is when we will re-open for our 86th season, but stop by before we close on Halloween!!!


The One & Only  since 1932!!

Stop by our shop from March 1 to October 31 to make the Original Frozen Custard
part of your very own family tradition, just like ours.

Our Happy Customers

Excellent food, custard, and customer service every time we visit. They also cater to my dogs, which makes them A-OK in my book!

Lisa Yates

Been going here since i was a little girl and i love it so much the service is good and the food is good and very filling.

Paige Davis

LOVE the Fruit Drink! I'm not a big ice cream/custard fan...so I can't comment on the frozen confections, however I sometimes drive 15 miles out of my way for a FRUIT DRINK!!!